Arbys Gets In On The Large Sandwiches With Its Meat Mountain
  20 March, 2017

Arbys Gets In On The Large Sandwiches With Its Meat Mountain

Another restaurant has decided to make huge sandwiches - so big that people can't hold them in their hands. Following Wendy's and McDonald's stance on large sandwiches, Arby's introduces its "Meat Mountain", which has been added to its secret menu.

The sandwich includes ham, corned, beef, roast beef, chicken tenders, roast turkey, brisket, bacon, cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese on two buns. Arby's sells up to 400 of these big boys on a daily basis.

If you love fish, you may be wondering why Arby's sandwich doesn't include it. Fish lovers can rest easy with the Denali Style sandwich, which includes the Alaskan Pollock.

Think this sandwich is crazy? Just think back about 10 to 20 years ago when fast food chains had very little to offer - burgers, fries and milkshakes.

Arby's was the oddball, offering regular roast beef sandwiches with Horsey Sauce. Today, as more fast food restaurants offer strange concoctions, Arby's is doing the same.

Not too long ago, Taco Bell announced the Naked Chicken Chalupa (which it got rid of), Burger King introduced its "Full Meaty", and McDonald's brought out multiple versions of its popular Big Mac sandwich.

Each of the above-mentioned sandwiches is on the restaurants' regular menus. There are still some secret menu items such as the McGangBang from McDonald's and the In-N-Out "Monkey Style" burger.

However, the Denali Style Meat Mountain is something new to the restaurant world. It's a calorie bomb of epic proportions, as it has all the meats and fish too.

Best of all, adding fish to the sandwich won't cost you any more money, which already costs $10. The sandwich is being offered for a limited time only in March.