What is Nigiri Sushi
  23 May, 2017

What is Nigiri Sushi

When you go out for Japanese food, you'll typically see a section on the menu called Nigiri. It's a type of sushi that is made from placing a thin slice of raw fish over a pressed piece of sushi rice that has been mixed with a special type of vinegar.

You'll often find Nigiri, or Nigirizushi as it is called in Japanese topped with fish and seafood like raw tuna (maguro), raw salmon (sake), raw yellowtail snapper (hamachi), raw halibut (hirame), cooked jumbo shrimp (ebo), egg omelet (tamago), and cooked eel (unagi). Other types will include cooked octopus (tako), squid (ika), crab (kani), and salmon roe (ikura). Some of these will be an acquired taste fornewcomers to Japanese cuisine while others will find them delightful from the first bite.

Nigiri is different from maki, which is what most people try first. Those are the sushi rolls made from wrapping different pieces of raw or sometimes cooked fish with rice and vegetables in nori, a seaweed wrapper. Often, maki seems the most approachable however you shouldn't overlook the art form of nigiri.

Also on your sushi menu, you'll find sashimi, which is simply thinly sliced pieces of raw fish. It's technically not sushi, as sashimi is a category all its own. In order to get the best sushi experience, you should sit at the sushi bar and allow the sushi chef to serve you. You'll get a true sampling of the freshest offerings and find something new you'll really love.

Consider ordering a platter that contains nigiri, maki and sashimi on it so you can try everything and see which one you like best. Want to go out for nigiri tonight? Find the closest Japanese restaurant to you, as well as the highest rated ones now!