BIBIBOP Purchases Restaurants To Expand Its Market Reach
  07 April, 2017

BIBIBOP Purchases Restaurants To Expand Its Market Reach

BIBIBOP Development, LLC recently announced that it had plans to expand its BIBIBOP Asian Grill, a chain of fast-casual restaurants, with the purchase Chipotle-owned ShopHouse restaurants. By the purchase, BIBIPOP will double in its numbers and be located in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

The newest locations will be transformed and opened in the next few months.

The first BIBIBOP restaurant opened in August 2013 in Columbus, Ohio under the inspiration of BIBIBOP CEO Charley Shin. After the success of his Charleys Philly Steaks restaurant line, he decided to go back to his roots in Korea and create bold flavors using healthy South Korean ingredients for his American hometown.

One of those Korean dishes is bibimbap or mixed rice. Each restaurant dish begins with steamed rice that follows diners' choice of meats or tofu, an array of fresh vegetables and Asian sauces. The idea quickly grew in popularity with three additional locations opened in 2014. By 2016, there were 16 restaurants total in Ohio.

The company is set to expand a location to Cleveland later in 2017.

Shin said the BIBIBOP Asian Grill idea really took off, with a steady rise throughout the years. He said he was excited to offer a fresh dining experience to more people around the nation. Shin said even through the expansions, the company has yet to lose sight on its goal of offering healthy dishes to communities, which is done by empowering neighbors and bettering team members' lives.